If you have a food allergy or intolerance please contact us in advance to discuss your menu options.  Alternatives may be available.


Everything on the menu is vegan.  Organic and GMO foods are used where possible.

Nearly all the dishes can be made gluten free or without nuts, soya, wheat, sugar.


Tap water, fruit juice and cordial are included and you may bring in your own bottle to have with the meal.


Please note that, although we have an extensive menu, we can only provide 2 dishes per course on any one evening and you should take this into account when ordering as a group.






Beetroot and Waldorf Salad (soya, nuts, celery, seeds, mustard)

Spiced Almond Dip with Tortillas and Crudites (nuts, soya)

Mini Savoury Platter (mustard, sulphites)

Melon with creamed coconut and ginger


Light summer soups


Tomato and orange with basil

Mushroom (soya)

Spinach and apple (soya)

Miso and arame (soya, celery)

Tomato and vegetable (soya, celery)

Winter warmer soups


 Leek and potato (soya, celery)

 Parsnip and lemon (soya)

 Lentil and apricot (soya, sulphites)

 Green pea and apple (soya)

 Blended root vegetable (soya,  






Roast dinner – cashew and mushroom loaf or hazelnut loaf or chestnut croute with roast potatoes, fresh veg and gravy (nuts, soya, celery, mustard, wheat)


Battered vegetables with lentil dahl and poppodoms (soya)


Layered pancakes - spinach, fennel and tomato with savoury tomato sauce (soya, wheat)


Rolled pancakes with seasonal veg filling (may be spinach, chard, kale, leeks, broccoli, courgettes) and mushroom sauce or piquant red pepper sauce, pine nuts or seeds, yeast flakes (soya, nuts, seeds, wheat)


Fruit and vegetable kebabs with spiced rice (soya)


Stuffed aubergine and pepper with spiced rice (soya, wheat)


Chilli bean casserole and brown rice (soya)


Mixed vegetable and tofu stir-fry with noodles (soya)


Curry – mild and fruity chickpea and pineapple with brown rice (soya, mustard)


Curry – medium tomato based, green lentil, aubergine and pepper with rice (soya, mustard)


Ratatouille and pasta with side salad (soya, mustard, wheat)


Fennel and yellow split pea casserole with side salad (soya, mustard)







Home-grown fruit crumble with custard, cream or ice cream – redcurrant and raspberry, apple, damson, gooseberry, blackberry and apple (soya, wheat)


Chocolate sponge pudding and chocolate sauce (soya, wheat)


Lemon and sultana sponge pudding and vanilla custard (soya, wheat)




Cherry brandy trifle with cream or ice cream (nuts, soya, wheat)


Chocolate gateau (wheat)


Coffee and walnut gateau (nuts, wheat)


Tofu cheesecake with blackcurrant topping (soya, wheat)


Fruit flan – layered with pastry, custard, jelly (soya, wheat)


Melon and strawberries or fresh fruit mix


Tofu whip – apricot and almond or mango and banana (soya, sulphites)


Orange or raspberry jelly with ice cream (soya)


‘Chris’s Fruit Bucket’ – ice cream, tinned peaches, banana, kiwi, cream, nut topping (nuts, soya)