From the breakfast table help yourself to:-

Cereals with Soya Milk - Roast Hazelnut Muesli,

Toasted Wheatflakes, Bran Sticks

Soya Yoghurts - Various Flavours when available

Fresh Fruit from the fruit bowl


Available to order:-                                                    Also Toast with any of the following:-

    Grapefruit and Orange Segments                                   Marmalade

    Bowl of Hot Porridge Oats                                           Jam

    Baked Beans on Toast                                                  Nut Butter

    Spaghetti on Toast                                                        Miso

    Creamed Mushrooms on Toast                                     Yeast Extract

    Tofu, Onion, Mushrooms & Dill on Toast

    Home-Made Lemon & Sultana Pancakes


or THE BIG ONE:-                                                   Drinks:-

    2 Nut Rissoles or Bean Burgers                                    Orange, Apple or Blackcurrant Juice

    with Scrambled Tofu,                                                    Tea or Coffee

    Mushrooms & Onions                                                  Herbal or Fruit Teas

    & Plum Tomatoes                                                         - Many Flavours  (please ask)



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